providing evaluation, systematization, and design optimization for environmental intervention efforts


nonprofit status & sponsorship / subsidy opportunities

ecologics partners with clients to solve their most important and complex problems, making their mission our mission, and deliver results that endure

Dawn is the President and Founder of Ecologics.  She received a PhD from the University of Arizona in Psychology, specifically Conservation Psychology, and has been involved in Program Evaluation for over 15 years, in academic, corporate, and non-profit settings. 

By adopting our clients' projects as our own we gain a passion for what their programs are attempting to achieve. We also understand that a human's own ability to subjectively assess how well a program is achieving its outcomes is...well... highly suspect.  Perceptions bias us, and of course people want to always see only the best from the programs they've spawned.  This is why objective, third-party measurement is so necessary.  Moreover, having us on board early helps to ensure outcomes are clear and specified and we do this through a rigorous logic modeling framework.  We ask YOU the right questions to get you thinking deeply about your programs in ways often never thought of. 

our approach

"We partnered with Dawn Hill in a pilot project to develop youth leadership skills while enhancing the landscape, especially public lands.  The Youth Engaged Stewardship YES! program is now entering year 5.  Her participation in the pilot challenged us to think about the program goals and activities, what students already brought to the program by way of knowledge and skills, and what evaluation methods might work for a very small group.  Dawn was fully engage in pre- and post- testing as well as evaluation and more importantly, the context for what the results might or might not mean for the program."

          -- S. McFarlin

"We were completely surprised that our program was not functioning as intended.  We could have wasted another three years of funding!  Fortunately, we used Ecologics to not only evaluate our programs, but help to redesign it as we originally intended.  Absolutely invaluable!"

          -- H. Sheppard 

Ecologics, Inc. has applied for nonprofit status under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Why?  Because we know that not all environmental and/or social programs can afford good evaluation services.  We will be soliciting donations specifically for sponsorship/subsidy once our nonprofit status is approved.  Please inquire about our evaluation sponsorship opportunities!  Don't pass up this important element simply because you *think* it may be too expensive!  We also help program directors supplement writing for their grant applications to get additional monies specifically for evaluation services.  We've found including evaluation helps in receiving grants!

Dawn hill, ph.d., mba